Thursday, May 24, 2018

  • PS Ms Susan Mochache join children for a dance in Turkana county during celebration of protecting Childrens right.
  • PS Ms Susan Mochache interacting with locals and older persons during Murang'a field visit
  • PS Ms Susan Mochache giving her remarks during celebration of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilty
  • PS Ms Susan Mochache awarding a person living with disabilty during International Day of Persons with Disabilty
  • Person Living with Disabilty gives his remarks on a disabilty right is a human right during international day of Persons with disabilty


Support Constituency Social Protection Assistance Committees, PS Social Protection urges community members in Muranga  

The Principal Secretary State Department of Social Protection Ms Susan Mochache has called on community members in Muranga to support the Constituency Social Assistance Committees (CSACS) as a measure to strengthen service delivery of the government’s cash transfer programmes.

The PS observed that these Committees play a critical role in an important stage of the cash transfer programmes by acting as the link and oversight body that oversees targeting of beneficiaries of the programmes.

PS Mochache made this remarks in Muranga during a spot check exercise conducted on 22nd July 2016 in parts of Muranga Sub County.

The PS also reiterated the importance of making payments to beneficiaries within the agreed timelines by service providers who include Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank.

She was accompanied by ……..  and was joined in the exercise by the CEO AHADI Kenya Trust  Dr Stanley Kamau who also donated shoes to older persons and children in remand homes in the area.

Currently, Muranga County has a total of 14,401 beneficiaries across the three government cash transfer programmes, including 5,544 beneficiaries of Older Persons Cash Transfer, 816 beneficiaries of Persons With Severe Disabilities Cash Transfer and 8,041 beneficiaries of the Cash transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

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