Thursday, May 24, 2018

Department of Social Development
The Department of Social Development is one of the departments in the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection. It has existed in various forms and under different government ministries and institutions since pre-colonial times. The mandates and functions of the Department have also changed over time.

The core duties carried by officers in the Department have historically focused on the welfare of the family, women, children, older persons and other vulnerable groups, with special attention accorded to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

However, with the reorganization of government in 2013, the Gender function was transferred to a different Ministry and the new Department of Social Development was placed under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services.

The overall goal of the Department of Social Development is to empower communities through mobilization, organization and building capacities, especially the vulnerable groups to actively participate in socio-economic development.



A just and empowered society for improved livelihoods.



To develop and implement policies and programmes that build capacities of individuals, vulnerable groups and communities for equity and self

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