Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Department of Social Development derives its Mandate from the Executive Order No.2 of May 2013.

It is charged with the responsibility of undertaking the following:

i. Policies on Social Development

ii. Policy and programs for Person with Disabilities

iii. Internship and Volunteers policy for public service

iv. Community Development policy

v. Protection and Advocacy of needs of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

vi. Vocational Rehabilitation and training

vii. Family protection policy

viii. Community mobilization

ix. Support for Matrimonial Succession laws and policies


Core Functions

The following are the Department’s core functions:

i. Development and Implementation of policies on Community Development, Persons with Disabilities, Older Persons, Family and Volunteerism

ii. Protection and advocacy of needs of Persons with Disabilities

iii. Provision of rehabilitation and vocational training for Persons with Disabilities in Vocational Rehabilitation Centres (VRCs)

iv. Initiate the process of developing legislation and guidelines on Community Development, Older Persons, Persons with Disability, and Volunteerism.

v. Community mobilization, capacity building and development

vi. Facilitate formation, registration and management of self help groups, community based organizations and projects

vii. Designing and implementation of programmes on older persons

viii. Advocacy and awareness creation on matrimonial and succession laws and policies

ix. Designing and implementing programmes on the family

x. Provision of psychosocial support and referral services

xi. Design and implementation of programmes on volunteerism