Thursday, May 24, 2018


Alternative Family Care & Counter Trafficking In Persons

Head: Caren Ogoti- Senior Assistant Director


  • Spearhead policy formulation and awareness on AFC
  • Provide secretariat to Adoption Committee
  • Develop Structures and Mechanisms for AFC
  • Supervision and regulation of adoption agencies
  • Maintain the National Foster care register
  • Spearhead policy formulation and awareness on Trafficking of Persons
  • Provide secretariat to the Counter trafficking in Persons committee
  • Implementation of the National Plan of action on Counter trafficking in Persons
  • Offer Secretariat to the National Trust Fund to victims of trafficking-identification,
  • compensation of victims and prosecution of perpetrators
  • Develop a profile register for perpetrators of trafficking
  • Develop programmes for victims of trafficking


    Children’s Institutions

     Head: Justus Muthoka – Ag. Senior Assistant Director


  • Coordination of Institution Services
  • Classification of Institutions according to risk levels
  • Design, coordinate and monitor the implementation of rehabilitation and care programmes in the SCI
  • Review and monitor the implementation of the National Standards in SCI
  • Assessment of children committed in SCI according to the risk levels
  • Capacity building of officers in the juvenile justice system
  • Child justice matters
  • Support SCI in acquisition of land registration
  • Awareness creation of through care and after care services
  • Periodic review of placements in statutory institutions



Child Protection

Head: Marygoretti Mogaka- Senior Assistant Director


  • Provide leadership on child protection issues
  • Creation of awareness on child protection
  • Child abuse and violence against children, child marriage , FGM
  • Child online protection
  • Establish and guide operations of AACs
  • Liaise with County Government on child protection
  • Monitor child protection Technical Working Group activities
  • Ensure compliance on all child protection guidelines




Planning & Development

Head: Charles Ondogo- Senior Assistant Director


  • Coordinate the overall management of CPIMS
  • Liaise with stakeholders on research on child matters
  • Compile, collate and maintain child protection data
  • Departmental newsletter
  • Performance contracting and monitoring of programmes and projects
  • Communications and public relations
  • Evaluation of programmes and projects
  • Coordinate research, and dissemination of finding
  • Staff management and welfare-liaise with HR in the Ministry
  • Maintenance of Departmental Inventories on assets – liaise with Ministry on maintenance
  • Overall field coordination

Strategic Interventions In Child Protection

Head: Jacinta Murgor – Senior Assistant Director


  • Emergency preparedness and response for children
  • Child helpline 116
  • Establishment of child protection centers
  • Monitor the operations of child protection centers
  • Establishment of Child protection units
  • Monitor operations of child protection units
  •  Provide legal aid to children

National Council for Children Services

Head: Josephine Oguye, Deputy Director


  • Legal and Policy Formulation
  • Provide technical support and advice to the Council
  • Coordinate reporting on regional and International Obligations on Child Rights
  •  Provide coordination of stakeholders in the Children Section


Community Child Support Services

Head: Jane Muyanga: Senior Assistant Director


  • Presidential Bursery Fund
  • Liaison to Inua Jami programme
  • Kenya Children Assembly activities
  • Coordinate Volunteer Children Officers programme
  • Promote Community based economic empowerment income Generating activities Diversion programme
  • Liaison to agencies offering support to OVC e.g. wings to fly