Thursday, May 24, 2018



· Coordinate and strengthen partnership with relevant stakeholders in the Social Welfare and Older Persons.

· Coordinate marking of UN International Regional and National days including;

  •  International day of the Family
  •  World Elder Abuse Day
  •  UN Day of Older Persons

a) Older Persons Programmes:

· Reviewing national policy on older persons and ageing.

· Developing national standards and guidelines on establishment and management of institutions for older persons.

· Developing older members of the society Bill.

· Finalizing the national plan of action on implementation of the policy on older persons and ageing.

· Establishing an institution for abused, elderly and vulnerable older persons.

· Creating awareness and capacity building on older persons and elder abuse.

b) Family Development Programmes:

· Developing national family promotion and protection policy.

· Family development awareness creation and sensitization on issues affecting society.

· Guidance, counseling and referrals of departmental staff and other clients.