Thursday, May 24, 2018


Activities the Department is undertaking to facilitate empowerment of Kenyans in the realization of their individual and national goals are as follows:-

1.  Development and implementation of Social Development Policies and facilitation in developing legal frameworks for the implementation of its programmes such as:

  • Kenya National Volunteerism policy
  • National Policy on Older Persons and Aging
  • Development of the National Family Policy (Development is ongoing)
  • Community Development Policy and
  • National Policy for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

2.Provision of Rehabilitation and Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities in Vocational Rehabilitation Centres (VRCs). The Department has Twelve Vocational Rehabilitation Centers which provides vocational training to Persons with Disabilities and integrates non disabled Persons in learning and participation in national development endeavors. We have about 500 trainees for various courses and trades.

3. Initiating the process of developing legislation and guidelines on Community Development, Older Persons, and Persons with Disability, Social Protection, and Volunteerism.

4. Community mobilization, capacity building and development initiating the process of developing a legal framework on formation, registration and management of Self Help Groups and Community Based Organizations.

5. Coordination and promotion of volunteerism; and facilitate formation, registration and management of self help groups, community based organizations and projects.

6. Designing and implementation of programmes on older persons.

7. Advocacy and awareness creation on matrimonial and succession laws and policies.

8. Designing and implementing programmes on the family.

9.Provision of psychosocial support and referral services to vulnerable individuals and families and implementation of programmes on volunteerism.

Huduma Centers Activities

The activities in the centers which are already established are ongoing for community Group Registration i.e. Registration of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs). Such services are also available at Sub County Social Development offices.

Disability Mainstreaming

Ensuring that all buildings are accessible to people with physical disability by constructing ramps in all structures/buildings