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Mandate - DSA

Establishment of the Directorate

The DSA is mandated to cordinate the implementation of the Inua Jamii Programme.

The actual Implementation of the Programme is undertaken by officers of National Council for Persons with Disabilities and the Directorates of Children’s Services and Social Development at Regional County and Sub County level

The  CT programmes were previously managed by the then Department of Children’s Services and Department of Social Development, which led to high levels of inter-programme duplication of activities, beneficiaries’ double dipping and inefficiency in utilization of resources. To address these issues the Consolidation Strategy 2016 was developed. This Strategy recommended the consolidation of CT-OVC, OP-CT and PWSD-CT (Consolidated Cash Transfer Programme) under the Social Assistance Unit.

In December 2020 the Social Assistance Unit was upgraded to the Directorate of Social Assistance (DSA) to coordinate implementation of the three cash transfer programmes at the National Level.