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Mandate - DSD


It’s mandate is derived from the Executive Order 1 of 2023, that includes development of policies and programmes on social development, family promotion and strengthening, older persons and ageing, community mobilization and group registration, disability inclusion, vocational training & rehabilitation, economic inclusion programme, social risk management and volunteerism:-

  1. Social Protection Policy 
  2. Vocational training and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities 
  3. National Volunteerism Policy
  4. Policy and programmes for Persons with Disabilities 
  5. Policy and Programmes for Older Persons
  6. Community Development Policy
  7. Community Mobilization
  8. Registration of Self Help groups
  9. Protection and advocacy of needs of PWDs 
  10. Family Protection Policy
  11. Support for Matrimonial and Succession Laws and Policies.

It has four (4) divisions namely Programm Coordination and Support services (PCSS), Community Capacity Support & Development (CCSD), Family Promotion and Social Welfare (FP&SW) and Disability Development &Rehabilitative Services (DDRS).